Taking Ownership

Stewardship in all we do.

As an employee-owned company, we are committed to responsible business practices, team and community support, and environmental stewardship. Together, these efforts have strengthened the foundation of our sustainable business success and long-term value creation.

While we have made progress in many areas, we realize there is more work to be done to create a stronger future for our colleagues, customers, shareholders, communities and many other stakeholders.

Guided by our Core Values

Building Relationships
Work to build meaningful connections rooted in trust with all stakeholders to promote collaboration and effectiveness.
Act with honesty, transparency, and ethical principles.
Remain dedicated, loyal, and committed to the growth, success, and sustainability of our team and our team members.
Servant Heart
Put others’ needs ahead of your own, not for reward or recognition, but because it’s the right thing to do.
Solving Problems
Seek to find solutions for difficult or complex problems.
Habitat Build

Committed To Our People

Building opportunity and wealth for our employee-owners.

We strive to provide an environment where our team members are treated with respect, dignity and integrity, supporting growth and development in their individual roles and as a team.

When someone works for a Kinzler Corporation company, they can expect a respectful, diverse and inclusive environment where all voices are embraced and everyone has opportunity. View our company-wide career opportunities.

A Standard of Sustainability

Focus on reducing our carbon footprint.

We are committed to advancing environmental practices that reduce the impact of our operations. Our company’s Ankeny, IA headquarters currently boasts 708 solar panels, generating enough solar capacity for the facility to reach net zero electricity. Investments in solar panels are also being made at our Denver, CO location, bringing operations there to net zero as well.

In addition, two Level 2 ChargePoint dual electric vehicle chargers have been installed in Ankeny. These EV chargers provide a convenient and efficient way to charge electric vehicles, supporting the transition to zero-emission transportation. By offering this amenity to their employees and visitors, Kinzler Corporation is contributing to improved air quality.

Solar Panels

Partnering to Protect the Environment

Environmental Stewardship in the products we install and distribute.

Energy Efficiency

We provide reliable insulation and other building materials resulting in energy efficient homes and businesses that our customers can be proud of.
Attic Insulation

Responsible Materials

The most common types of insulation we install are fiberglass (which is comprised of an average of 50% recycled material) and cellulose, which is comprised of at least 75% recycled waste paper.
Employee with Garage Door installment

Reducing Carbon

Our products directly reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency. We drive energy code compliance across all end-markets we serve.
United Way Food Drive

Community Impact

Giving back in the communities we call home.

At Kinzler, our purpose is to create value for our employee-owners and customers by serving others and building relationships. We give back to the communities where we live and work in many ways.

Our Kinzler Cares Program matches employee charitable contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 per employee each year. Through food drives, blood drives, holiday toy drives, volunteer work and more, we are engaging our teams to build stronger communities.