Creating Value

Kinzler Corporation is an employee-owned family of companies installing building products, distributing building materials, and servicing and installing commercial and residential garage doors.

OUR COMPANIESMany Products & Services.
One Focus.

There is a common goal that ties us all together: Creating value for our employee owners and customers by serving others and building relationships.
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EMPLOYEE STOCK OWNERSHIP PLAN (ESOP)Proud to be Family & Employee-Owned

Kinzler Corporation is an employee-owned company, which empowers employees.
Research studies consistently show that employee-owned companies perform better than companies that are not employee owned. Kinzler Corporation is living proof! Since establishing our ESOP in 2017, our company has grown and prospered.
Employees tend to work harder when they’ve got some 'skin in the game'. Being able to directly benefit from the overall success and profitability of the company adds significant financial motivation to work harder, think creatively, and work efficiently as a team.
Kinzler offers employees a 401(k) in addition to their ESOP retirement savings plan. Unlike a 401(k), employees do not contribute any of their own money towards their ESOP, so anything they receive is extra and at no cost to them. The value of the ESOP is dependent on the success and profitability of the company.
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OUR EXPERIENCEWe are building on Four Decades in the construction industry.

Partner with Us

Kinzler Corporation helps business owners take their company to the next level.

Kinzler Corporation is on a growth trajectory and we’re looking for successful, like-minded companies.

Our acquisition partnerships allow owners the opportunity to lead, operate and grow their business while retaining local branding, management and customer relationships. Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, we walk beside our partners to ensure a custom approach that allows them to thrive and take their business to the next level.